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Email: dearww@womansworldmag.com or dearww@bauerpublishing.com

Feature stories: wwfeatures@womansworldmag.com. They pay $250 for features stories on the Power of Friendship, etc.

Web: http://www.womansworldmag.com.

Woman’s World is a weekly women’s tabloid magazine that covers entertainment, health, food, parenting, home, self-help, relationships, and more (11/12).

Features an excerpt from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series each issue.

Woman’s World Magazine Editors

Stephanie Saible, Editor-in-Chief

Nuna Albert, Chief Senior Editor

Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Kristin Higson-Hughes, Senior Editors

Taryn Phillips-Quinn, Features Editor. Featured reviews of two memoirs: Both of Us by Ryan O’Neal and Never Say Never by Ricki Lake (7/12). Featured Christmas gifts for kids: The Fashion Designer’s Handbook, My First Bird Book, and The Zoo’s Shoes (11/12).

Katie Alberts, Special Features. Reviewed Lisa Scottoline’s mystery Save Me and James Patterson’s 10th Anniversary (5/11). Wrote about buffalo wings (7/12).

Jennifer Leonard, Special Features. In one article on morning wake-ups, they featured an expert panel of two book authors: Kathy Peel, author of The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Organized Home; and Hannah Keeley, author of Hannah Keeley’s Total Mom Makeover (10/11). Wrote about feng shui (7/12). Featured information on cooking contests (9/12).

Kristina Mastrocola, Special Features, Ask America’s Ultimate Experts. Featured three book author experts advice on diet derailment: Kelly McGonigal, author of Willpower Instinct; Greg Hottinger, author of Coach Yourself Thin; and Judith Matz, coauthor of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook (7/12). Wrote an article on the secret to success (7/12).

Featured three book author experts’ advice on how to relax: Kathleen Hall; Susan Albers, author of 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food; and Jennifer Abel, author of Active Relaxation (9/12). Featured three book author experts’ advice on feeling more positive: Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage; Terry Paulson, author of The Optimism Advantage; and Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project (9/12).

Featured book author advice on getting more energy: Syd Hoffman, author of All-Day Energy, and Daisy Sutherland, author of 21 Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season (11/12).

Andrea Dawn Clark and Shavon Claderon, Beauty Editors

Stephanie Rygorsky, Fashion Editor

Linda Hamilton, Health Editor

Brenda Kearns. Wrote about living longer and also about curing stomach flu (7/12). Wrote about melting away fat (9/12).’

Camille Pagan wrote about recovering from jet lag (7/12).

Gabrielle Lichterman wrote about healthy foods (9/12).

Christine Koury, Food Editor. Featured an article on Pierre Dukan’s The Dukan Diet (5/11). Featured recipes from Fat Flush for Life by Ann Louise Gittleman (10/11). Featured recipes from Healthy Family Meals by the American Heart Association and Sandra Lee’s Bake Sale Cookbook (9/12). Featured a recipe from Daisy Martinez’s Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night (9/12).

Susan Chiusano, Betsy Jordan, Alisa Lagrosa-Strynkowski, Food Editors

Lindsay Hadsall wrote about hosting an Olympics watching party (7/12).

Cynthia Richter and Stacey Brecher, Crafts Editors

Janet Sobesky, Decorating Editor

Johnene Granger, Travel/Fiction Editor. Briefly reviewed two novels: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton and Cross Fire by James Patterson (11/10). Brief reviews of two romances: Kathleen Kent’s The Wolves of Andover and Stephanie Laurens’ The Reckless Bride (11/10). Featured fiction by Nancy Johnson (7/12).

Brief reviews of Penny Hancock’s Kept in the Dark and Sable Grace’s Chosen (9/12). Featured Eloisa James’s The Ugly Duchess and Caroline Linden’s The Way to a Duke’s Heart (9/12).

Bill Holton, Contests Editor

Doreen Virtue, creator of Angel Therapy and book author, edits the My Guardian Angel column featuring reader stories of angel encounters. Email: angels@womansworldmag.com. They pay $100 for featured stories.

Barbara Hustedt Crook featured Robert Allen, author of Creating Wealth; Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life; and Jill Ammon-Wexler, author of How to Make More Money ebook, in an article on easy millionaire secrets.

Woman’s World Magazine Online

Circle of Kindness – Email: CircleofKindness@womansworldmag.com – Submit your story of an act of kindness (along with your name and address) to this email address. They pay $25 for each story they publish.

Love & Laughter – Features cute baby photos, pet photos, and embarrassing stories. They pay $50 to $100 for those they print. Send to Love & Laughter at the address above.

The Power of Friendship – Email: wwfeatures@womansworldmag.com. They pay $100 if they publish your story.

Grandma’s Recipes – Email: grandma@womansworldmag.com. They pay $25 for each recipe they publish.

WW Diet Success – Email: wwdietsuccess@womansworldmag.com. To test a diet with them, email your contact info, age, height, weight, size, and diet history.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Womans-World-Magazine/78805390574

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