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Forbes Magazine is a biweekly business, economics, personal finance, and investment magazine (1/15).

Note: You can contact writers directly by clicking on the contact button on online articles. You can also interact with writers by commenting on the articles (where the writers are encouraged to follow those comments). You can also reach out to writers via their social accounts.

Forbes Magazine Editors

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief. Reviews a thriller or mystery at least once a month. Sometimes also reviews a business or political book. Reviewed Vaclav Smil’s Why America Is Not a New Rome (12/10). Reviewed Joe and Blake Kernen’s Your Teacher Said What?! Reviewed Charles Mann’s 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus (11/11). Reviewed Charles Mann’s 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created (11/11).

Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Digital Rules. Email: Writes a biweekly column where he often mentions books and authors. Loves to write about small businesses and entrepreneurship. Blog:

Randall Lane, Editor

Michael Noer, Executive Editor

Matt Schifrin, Investing Editor. Web:

Dan Bigman, Managing Editor, Business

Richard Nalley, Managing Editor, Luxury

Tom Post, Managing Editor, Entrepreneurs

Bruce Upbin, Managing Editor, Technology and Wealth

Frederick Allen, Executive Producer, Leadership

Christopher Helman, Associate Editor. Web:

Eric Savitz, Bureau Chief, San Francisco. Covers computers and technology.

Kerry Dolan, Reporter, Silicon Valley. Covers computers and technology.

Janet Novack, Reporter, Washington

Richard Miniter, Columnist, National Security. A column from the author of Leading from Behind (9/12).

Michael Ozanian, Reporter, SportsMoney

Luisa Kroll, Wealth Editor

Todd Woody, Environment Editor. Web:

John Tamny, Columnist, Capital Flows. Email: He is also editor of the Forbes Opinions Channel and

Peter Slatin, Columnist, Real Estate Investing. Web:

Jim Oberweis, Columnist, Small Stocks Investing. Web: Editor of the Oberweis Report.

Marilyn Cohen, Columnist, Capital Markets Investing. Web: President of Envision Capital Management in Los Angeles, California.

A Gary Shilling, Columnist, Financial Strategy. Web:

Ken Fisher, Columnist, Portfolio Strategy. Web: Money manager and author of Debunkery.

Mallory Factor, Columnist, Capital Flows. A professor and senior editor at

Richard Lehmann, Columnist, Fixed-Income Watch. Web:

Susan Adams. Interviewed Ken Dychtwald, author of Age Wave.

Forbes Magazine Online

Andrea Spiegel, New Product Development,






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