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Weekly news, culture, and opinion magazine (11/11).

Christian Science Monitor Editors

John Yemma, Editor, Open Source. Email:

Clayton Collins, Weekly Edition Editor

Owen Thomas, Deputy Editor

Clayton Jones, Chief Editorial Writer

David Cook, Senior Editor

Peter Grier, Columnist, D.C. Decoder. Writes about Washington politics.

Marjorie Kehe, Book Editor. Email: Interviewed Zoe Ferraris, author of Finding Nouf (8/10). Reviewed the Autobiography of Mark Twain (11/10). Interviewed Kate Zernike, author of Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America (11/10). Reviewed five children’s books: Children Make Terrible Pets, Shark Train, There’s Going to Be a Baby, In the Wild, City Dog Country Frog (11/10).

Reviewed the following children’s books: Dennis Nolan’s fantasy Sea of Dreams, Lita Judge’s Red Sled, Jerry Pickney’s Mouse & Lion, Michael Rosen’s The Hound Dog’s Haiku, and Tomi Ungerer’s Christmas Eve at the Mallops (11/11).

Augusta Scattergood, children’s book reviewer. Reviewed young adult novel Storyteller (11/10). Feature a number of middle-grade readers including Hound Dog True by Linda Urban, Pie by Sarah Weeks, The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman by Meg Wolitzer, The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Boyce, and Bunheads by Sophie Flack (11/11).

Yvonne Zipp, Fiction Critic. Reviewed three mysteries: City of Veils, Faithful Place, and Ice Code (8/10). Reviewed Rick Riodan’s The Son of Neptune, Brian Selznick’s Wonderstruck, L A Meyer’s The Mark of the Golden Dragon, Richard Peck’s Secrets at Sea (11/11).

Peter Rainer, Film Critic, On Film

Walter Rodgers, Columnist. International issues. Biweekly column. Wrote about the great Christmas tradition of giving books (11/11).

Ruth Walker, Columnist, Verbal Energy. Writes about words.

Nora Dunne, Contributor. Interviewed Amanda Little, author of Power Trip: The Story of America’s Love Affair with Energy (11/10).

Christian Science Monitor Freelance Book Reviewers

Rebekah Denn reviewed Dominique Browning’s memoir Slow Love (7/10).

Randy Dotinga interviewed Douglas Perry, author of The Girls of Murder City (10/10).

Molly Driscoll reviewed Chris Van Allsburg’s The Chronicles of Harris Burdick (11/11).

Richard Horan reviewed Ian Frazier’s Travels in Siberia (11/10).

Chuck Leddy reviewed Sue Diaz’s memoir Minefields of the Heart (10/10). Reviewed Robert Putnam and David Campbell’s American Grace (11/10).

Rachel Meier, staff member at Booksmith bookstore, review six cookbooks: One Big Table, The Geometry of Pasta, The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, Salted, Keys to Good Cooking, My Sweet Mexico (10/10).

Mike Revzin reviewed China: Portrait of a People (10/10).

Jordan Michael Smith reviewed Let the Swords Encircle Me (9/10).

Steve Weinberg reviewed Tony Blair’s memoir Journey (10/10).

Stacie Williams reviewed The Other Wes Moore (7/10).

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