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Food Network Magazine

Food Network Magazine

Hearst Communications

300 West 57th Street, 35th Floor

New York NY 10019


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Published 10 times a year, Food Network Magazine features the star chefs of Food Network on cable TV (11/12).

Food Network Magazine Editors

Maile Carpenter, Editor in Chief

Joanna Saltz, Executive Editor

Liz Sgroi, Food Director. Featured The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink and Come In, We’re Closed (11/12).

Sarah DiGregorio, Senior Editor

Yaran Noti, Senior Editor

Ruth Kaplan, Recipe Editor

Food Network Magazine Online

Victoria Phillips, Online Coordinator


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Real Fast Book Marketing

Bottom Line Health Newsletter

Bottom Line/Health newsletter

Bottom Life Health Newsletter

Bottom Line Publications

281 Tresser Boulevard, 8th Floor

Stamford CT 06913-3246


Fax: 203-967-3086

Send questions to: Bottom Line/Health, P O Box 10702, Stamford CT 06904-0702.



Bottom Life Health is a monthly newsletter about health, diet, nutrition, medicine, weight loss, stress, etc. Features many interviews of book authors, especially those with medical degrees.

Bottom Life Health Newsletter Editors

Rebecca Shannonhouse, Editor

Nancy Coveney, Research Editor

Charles Inlander, Columnist. Email: A consumer advocate and health-care consultant.

Here are a few of the book authors who wrote articles or were interviewed by this newsletter:

Timonthy McCall, author of Yoga as Medicine (11/12).

Jeffry Larson, author of Should We Stay Together? (11/12).

Bonnie Taub-Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It (11/12).

Antonio Gotto, co-author of The Living Heart in the 21st Century (11/12).

Suzy Cohen, author of The 24-Hour Pharmacist and Diabetes Without Drugs (11/12).

Bottom Life Health Newsletter Online



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Departures Magazine

Departures Magazine

Departures Magazine

American Express Publishing

1120 Avenue of the Americas

New York NY 10036


Fax: 212-827-6497



Departures is a bimonthly luxury magazine on fashion, beauty, style, food, travel, art, lifestyle, and culture (10/12)

Departures Magazine Editors

Richard David Story, Editor in Chief. Twitter:

Deborah Frank, Executive Managing Editor, Personal Best. Section on how to look good, feel good, and stay fit. Featured tips from Alex Hitz, author of My Beverly Hills Kitchen (10/12).

Heather Halberstadt, Features Director

Doug Brod, News Director, Culture Index. A compendium of what’s in play now in culture and entertainment.

Julie Coe, Senior Editor

Amanda Ross, Fashion Director

Tasha Green, Senior Style Editor, Style Etc. Featuring the art of appropriate acquisition.

A N Devers wrote about some of the homes where famous authors once lived (Edward Gorey, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson).

Maud Doyle contributed to the above article by featuring books related to the author’s homes (10/12).

Departures Magazine Online

Ingrid Skjong, Digital Editor,


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Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Fine Homebuilding magazine

Fine Homebuilding Magazine

The Taunton Press

63 S Main Street

P O Box 5506

Newtown CT 06470-5506


800-309-8919 – Call here to submit an article proposal or you can do the same via email.

Fax: 203-270-6753



Published 8 times a year, Fine Homebuilding features tips and resources for building and remodeling a home for hands-on homeowners and professional builders (10/12).

Fine Homebuilding Magazine Editors

Brian Pontolilo, Editor

Daniel Morrison, Executive Editor

Martin Holladay, Senior Editor, Energy Smart Details. Web:

Charles Bickford, Justin Fink, and Rob Yagid, Senior Editor

Patrick McCombe, Associate Editor

Chris Hoelck, Senior Copy Editor, Tailgate: The Heroes of Home Building. Features interviews with architects, designers, and home builders.

Fine Homebuilding Magazine Online

Rob Wotzak, Web Producer





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